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so nice to meet

This site has been created as a sanctuary for self-healers, and I'm so glad your journey has brought you here. 

It's continuously expanding with useful resources and tools on juicing, wellness and yoga.

Here's the quick overlook of this space, so you can easily find what you're looking for.

I love being a mom, singing, drawing mandalas and traveling.
I'm honored to be your guide to Healing that brings authentic connection, embodiment and joy.

Curious about my story?

I'm a juice connoisseur, wellness consultant, yoga instructor and a passionate self-healer, dedicated to helping you embody life that is truly yours.

If you're interested in how I came to do what I do, take a look at 



I'm an unshakable believer in human potential, and the capacity of self-healing that is inherent to all of us. 

I'm a continuous learner of healing practices that have power to change life and unveil our natural gifts. I spend time reading, writing, sweating on my yoga mat, creating valuable content on the Luminous Raw podcast and channel, running a local juicing company, and spending as much time with my son and in nature as possible.


Would like to watch my videos?

Here's YouTube

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