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7-Day Living Foods Challenge

A week ago, we wrapped up our 7-Day Living Foods Challenge that was such a beautiful journey. Our group chat was a high-frequency community sharing their experiences, connecting with each other, and doing a challenging thing together - nourishing our divine vessels with foods that are alive and vibrant. It was quite a process! 

I feel deeply grateful for all the energy and presence in the group as well as my students' effort and co-creation of the experience. I feel so honored to get to know all of you a little better 🙏🏻

We also had 3 prize winners! Anna received a juicer, Thyme got my ebook Juice Recipes for Vitality and Joy, and Karen received Adult Detox Formula from @irisherbals

As the challenge was coming toward completion, I experienced one of the most trying times of my life on many levels, including deeply spiritual challenges that I had to face. There were sleepless nights and many tears that helped me cleanse that energy off my field. That is the part of cleansing, rebuilding, and integrating, I'll be sharing and teaching more about in my new upcoming coaching program that I'm introducing to you this week! In it, I'll not only guide my students on juicing and raw foods journeys, I also will share more on other holistic methods I practice, such as yoga, breathing, herbalism, Qigong, sound healing, light healing and so much more. We also have amazing experts in the holistic field lined up to share their wisdom with us. It's an ongoing private monthly coaching community that I can't wait to open the doors for!

As I allow myself time and space to recover from the damages I experienced, I'm looking forward to the future with so much LOVE and optimism while staying rooted in the present moment. I'm so looking forward to seeing you at Vitality Circle! 

Photo by wonderful Sara Price @saral.price

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