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I stumbled upon a turning point in my life when I began researching ways to heal Rheumatoid Arthritis. I discovered Anastasia through a captivating YouTube video where she shared her own journey of overcoming this very condition. The sheer possibility of healing ignited a spark of hope within me.


My life had been deeply affected by the grip of Rheumatoid Arthritis—swollen and inflamed joints, persistent fatigue, pain that permeated my body, and the overwhelming haze of chronic inflammation. The list of challenges seemed endless. The medications I was taking only added to my discomfort, causing nausea and leaving me weak. Frequent cold and flu symptoms further compounded my struggle.


My introduction to Anastasia was a breath of fresh air. Amidst the uncertainty, her wealth of knowledge and personal experience with the disease resonated with me deeply. I placed my trust in her guidance, expertise, and empathetic support.


Anastasia's approach was nothing short of transformative. In our sessions, she cultivated a safe space that allowed me to unravel the layers of my journey, and her unwavering support guided me every step of the way. The resources she shared were invaluable, helping me understand my body and its needs. Working with Anastasia, I discovered not only the path to healing but also a profound self-awareness.


Within a mere week of adopting her juice cleanse approach, I experienced a remarkable shift. Allowing my body rest from the burdens of digestion, I embarked on a journey of rejuvenation. The inflammation that had plagued me receded, energy surged through me like never before, and a newfound vitality emerged. The return to solid food brought an unexpected craving for raw nourishment. Anastasia's guidance extended beyond the cleanse, as she skillfully designed an easy-to-follow raw food menu that seamlessly integrated into my daily routine.


The journey to healing was not solely physical; Anastasia's compassionate demeanor fostered exploration into underlying emotional factors impacting my health. She delicately navigated this intricate terrain, helping me understand the connections between my emotions and well-being. Her guidance extended to herbal protocols, aiding in the restoration of my organs.


Remarkably, within a span of three months, my body underwent a complete transformation. Rheumatoid Arthritis, once a formidable adversary, was vanquished. The journey wasn't just a healing process; it was an awakening to the intricate connection between our bodies, emotions, and overall well-being.


In Anastasia's hands, I found more than a guide—I found a teacher, a light that led me from the depths of Rheumatoid Arthritis to vibrant health. I am eternally grateful for her wisdom, her compassion, and the gift of renewed life she shared with me. 

Julianna Hughes

I discovered the Luminous Health Detox Package Support 1 through an online journey that began on YouTube and led me to Anastasia from Luminous Raw on her website. My health was burdened by migraines, painful menstruation, and persistent acne, prompting me to explore these services.

From the moment I engaged with Anastasia on a free discovery call, I felt reassured that her expertise could bring a positive change. In just 15 minutes, she shared invaluable insights that clarified my health challenges. Choosing to work with her was undoubtedly the right decision.

Anastasia's program went beyond my expectations. Having struggled with my health issues for more than two decades, I was cautiously hopeful when I connected with her. Astonishingly, within a week, my skin started clearing, and after three weeks, I experienced a level of vitality I hadn't known before. My migraines vanished, and my energy soared.

Beyond physical improvements, Anastasia nurtured a safe environment for me to heal and express myself. She skillfully addressed underlying emotional and stress-related factors impacting my health. What resonated deeply was her balanced approach to health, tailoring every aspect to suit my unique needs.

The program not only resolved my health issues but also equipped me with the knowledge to make conscious choices in my daily life that contribute to my well-being. By focusing on the holistic journey, I found a renewed sense of health.

Anastasia's support throughout the process was exceptional. Her guidance was a steady presence, reassuring me every step of the way.

To those hesitant about trying this program, I'd say this: You won't truly comprehend its profound impact until you experience it firsthand. I had initial doubts about a juice-focused approach, but the remarkable results and the transformative process exceeded every expectation.

With immense gratitude, I can confidently say that Anastasia's Luminous Health Detox Package Support 1 has been the catalyst for my health transformation. It's not just a detox program; it's a holistic path towards vitality and well-being.

Monica Williams

Changing my lifestyle, and especially diet, seemed out of reach to me until I faced a diagnosis that put me up for a choice. Anastasia is a blessing in my life for she was able to help me reverse the condition I had - and save my leg! - all the while helping me with IBS that I suffered with for years, as well as other multiple chronic issues such as migraines, frequent colds and ear infections, to name a few. 


She motivated me to care for myself, truly empowering me with her abundant knowledge on natural holistic healing. She patiently explained to me the causes of the issues that I had. I felt held and supported, in a completely non-judgemental and compassionate way. I also went through the detox protocol, including a juice cleanse, and was recommended herbal support that I keep using to this day.


My wife and children are so happy that I came back to life. And most importantly, I now can be fully present with them without debilitating conditions I had. I’m even keeping up with my new healthier lifestyle, as I continue feeling motivated because of the special integration process that Anastasia developed for her clients. She is a true gem, and I highly recommend working with her.

Doug Graham

I am so grateful for Anastasia who became not only my coach on my health conditions but provided me with valuable insights on my overall well-being including my underlying emotional issues. 

She was able to help me reverse high blood pressure and severe hormonal disbalances, as well as work with me on my emotional eating issues. All the way Anastasia held my hand on this challenging journey, and I’m so glad I chose a program with support. Her kindness and compassion are something rare to come across, and I find it to be a blessing to have worked with her.

I received a detailed detox protocol and easy to follow plan that truly kept my needs in mind first and foremost. I learned how to be gentle and patient with myself, and after doing a month of juice therapy I saw amazing results that I was able to keep with a solid integration routine!

I feel more alive than ever, and I recommend Anastasia to my friends and family.

Nancy Evans

After meeting Anastasia and learning more about her work, I was intrigued and wanted to give juice fasting a try. Not only is she super knowledgeable, but she also gives detailed instructions and support. Besides losing over 10 lbs and feeling amazing, I learned more about my body and myself than ever before. I highly recommend Anastasia and her programs.

Marta Spirk

I've been watching Anastasia's videos for a couple of years on YouTube and learned so much. At some point, I realized I was ready to dive deep and wanted to work with her on my long-term health issues. It was the best investment I made in my life! Anastasia's motto, "Health is wealth," is true. As I was able to reverse multiple sclerosis that I was told I had to live with for the rest of my life, my whole life has changed. The investment came back in so many unexpected ways. I came off strong medications, and I have vigor and strength I didn't even know I could have! I'm integrating this huge change in my life with Anastasia's help. She developed the process that is so wholesome and aligned that I can't recommend her enough! I absolutely loved working with her, and I especially enjoyed her understanding of body-mind-spirit connection and how all of it plays a role in our health and wellness.

Bree Lawrence

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